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ICHNEMOD.GIF (19K, color, 236x301)
ICH.GIF (67K, greyscale, 619x775)
ICH1.GIF (look into pupa, 94K, color, 415x824)
REGIERI.JPG (Stenodontus regieri, 39K, color, 561x801)

These graphics show a wasp (Agrothereutes bombycis and Stenodontus regieri, see also Hymenoptera) belonging to the Ichneumonidae. The files are not postprocessed. Color pictures with higher resolutions are available showing different views (pupae as well as female and male adults).

WOOLMDFT.JPG (draft, 137K, color, 603x583)
WOOLMOTH.GIF (male and female, 169K, color, 940x687)

Woolmoths are pests on linden trees in Germany. Ichneumonidae can be used to control the woolmoths.

Some of the drawings have been available on CD-ROM (science arts resources for teachers): SciArt, Australia, Publishers: EduArt Multimedia Pty. Ltd. and Cambridge University Press. (The hyperlink is gone. The CD too?)

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