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Insect Collection:
Shanghai Institute of Entomology

In the Shanghai Institute of Entomology a scientific collection of Chinese insects is available for temporary loans. We post this info for:

Shanghai Institute of Entomology
225 Chong qing Lu
Shanghai 200025
PR China

phone: +86-21-63282039

In case of interest please contact the institute directly by mail. (They can't afford email and communication will not be easy.)

This excellent collection is well documented. It has been very well arranged for display by Japanese entomologists for an exhibition in Osaka in 1991 and since then has been kept under good storage conditions in that institute (which spends most of its funds to pay the electricity bill for dehumififying their collection room). A list of specimen is available in English and Chinese, the display boards however are in Japanese.

The specimen are ready for exhibition in 140 display boxes for wall mounting. For transport these boxes will be stored into 44 cardboard containers (57cm x 49cm x 42cm), which finally are packed into 4 wooden containers for shipment (in total about 5 cubical meters).

We know the collection since 1992 and reckon, that it may be interesting to have it exhibited abroad again, if careful handling during transport and display is assured. (The institute has absolutely no funds to handle transport and insurance.) Scientists are welcome to have a look at the collection in Shanghai.

A Catalog of Specimen of the Shanghai Institute of Entomology has been published by the Academia Sinica in Shanghai under ISBN 7-5439-0211-7 (Z.534, 1993/02/01).

SHANENT0.GIF | SHANENT1.GIF | SHANENT2.GIF are graphics files showing a brief list of specimen copied from a bad quality original. (Clicking on the links will open a new browser window.)

Munich 1996/10/02, Goetz Kluge