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Sminthurus pilleatus

SMIPPWoA, the Sminthurus pilleatusWoA originally was drawn (copied from a slide) by An-Ly Yao as a quite ordinary "globular springtail" (in German: "Kugelspringer"). An-Ly Yao usually is a sincere entomologist, but her husband (Goetz Kluge) is not. After An-Ly convinced Goetz, that the rear extension of the animal is nothing else than a jumping device, Goetz decided to release the beast into the public. But before doing so, it got mammal eyes and a baseball cap (the pilleatus).

You can download SMNTHS.ZIP with several color variations of SMIPP. The file contains BMPs and GIFs (which can be used as tiles for wallpapers) and one SMPSION3.PIC for Psion S3x palmtops.

©1996: The copyright for the drawings (scientific drawings as well as anything based on the Sminthurus pilleatus pattern, e.g. the tiles for wallpapers, which also can be downloaded from this site) in this web page and the associated files belongs to Goetz Kluge & An-Ly Yao. The work of art Sminthurus pilleatus Yao-Kluge first has been registered in 1996 in the Checklist of the Collembola of the World, a large scientific databank maintained by Frans Janssens (member of the Royal Entomological Society of Antwerp, Belgium; member of the Department of Biology, Evolutionary Biology Group, University of Antwerp (RUCA), Belgium.).

©2000: The design of the sminthurid broach was done by Sophia Chen. The copyright for the broach belongs to Sophia Design Co., Ltd..

You may use the cartoons free of charge only for non-commercial purposes and for non-animated and volatile display (example: tiles for a windows background). Any other unauthorized use (example: publishing in print media, publishing in electronic media, reproduction on manufactured products) is prohibited, forbidden, not allowed and quite definitely verboten!

Please kindly understand.

We want to use the fees to be payed by copyright users to us (for using our copyright for commercial products and derivative works) for donations:

Authorization for using the Sminthurus pilleatus pattern for commercial products and derivative works can be obtained from Goetz Kluge & An-Ly Yao. One essential requirement is that obtainers of the right to use our copyright (for commercial Sminthurus pilleatus products and derivative works) have to pay a minimum per-item-fee of 2% of the item price for each sold item to the Royal Entomological Society of Antwerp (c/o Frans Janssens) for the purpose of maintaining their impressive Checklist of the Collembola of the World. An additional requirement: The fee cannot be less than 1 Euro (84 US cents as of 2000/10/20). These and further conditions are negotiable with An-Ly Yao case by case.

By the way, WoAWoA of course in itself is a WoA, but that's annother story - an endless one, because of WoAWoAWoA etc.

Our (An-Ly's and Goetz's) main objectives:
  1. To spread our creation over the world in a first move to achieve world domination. Therefore our disciples are required to infest as many computer displays as possible with our Sminthurus pilleatus. Community members on the OTD level (Over-the-Top-Disciple) may be entitled to receive a in-depth initiation. This training will not only enable them to spread the Sminthurus pilleatus over the world - but also beyond our galaxy. (Initiation site: Our secret underground mad&evil scientists laboratory, in which the Sminthurus pilleatus was pieced together.)
  2. To raise money for research in a field which isn't too sexy - yet. As the obviously most sexy bug of all springtails, the Sminthurus pilleatus surely is bound to give the popularity of this insect family a big boost. (Speaking about fields: Springtails can also be used for worldly purposes, e.g. as indicators for soil quality.)
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